We all do it. We have the best intentions to fill our reusable water bottle as we leave the house but invariably, we forget. So, when you’re out and need a healthy drink what’s the next best planet-friendly solution?

Water in a Box is the sustainable and responsible boxed water brand that is filled with 100% British spring water that will quench your thirst without clogging up our oceans. Each Water in a Box carton is widely recyclable, has a low carbon foot-print, ergonomically designed to be light-weight, a dream to drink from and has a resealable bio based cap.

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Available in retailers and leisure destinations up and down the country and online in either 330ml or 500ml cartons, Water in a Box comes in natural spring (500ml and 330ml) and three fruity flavours; Lemon & Lime, Strawberry and Peach & Orange (all 330ml) with a RRP of 79p.

Water in a Box has been causing a stir in the ‘on the go’ drinks market for some time, launching its attack on the plastic bottle back in 2014. Its purpose is to show consumers there is a better way to consume a healthy drink, away from home, that doesn’t needlessly harm our environment. The idea was, and remains, simple; repackage spring water into something that’s better for the environment, better for our health and accessible to everyone.

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Founder David Grannell said: “We feel like there’s a growing desire among consumers to do the right thing and think more consciously about how they’re consuming everyday items. “People are questioning their purchases, seeing that simple tweaks to their shopping habits will make a difference. People are engaging with the notion of reusable coffee mugs, we’re more onboard with Bags for Life and we’re slowly turning our backs on plastics. We’re going in the right direction one step at a time.”

Water in a Box is made from renewable cardboard, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, using renewable energy. The boxes have the lowest carbon footprint of all drinks containers and at least 1/3rd that of PET plastic.

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The boxes have a streamline shape and lower weight, which delivers transport and distribution efficiencies.
Fellow founder, Karl Martin added: “We think we all should have the opportunity to be consumer activists and that’s what Water in a Box is all about, giving people the chance to make the right decision. You can either buy a plastic bottle of water that can only be recycled once so it is likely to wash up in the sea or buy water in a sustainable way that has less  impact on the world around you.”

Water in a Box is available in Etihad stadium, TK Maxx, Amazon, The Deep in Hull, Dunsters farm, Yorkshire Wildlife and is the spring water of choice in a range of sporting events such as the London Relay.